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Corporate responsibility

Delivering a sustainable foundation for success — through innovation and empowerment.


At Rackspace Technology®, we focus on empowering companies around the world to grow using technology.

At the same time, we’re committed to operating responsibly for today and tomorrow. This means taking a proactive approach to supporting environmental sustainability, operating with ethics and integrity, and helping to ensure that our suppliers do the same.

Each year, we report on our progress with our annual Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Report

ESG Report

What we do

Environmental leadership

Our environmental strategy is simple: We aspire to give more than we take from our planet and support innovative technologies that change the energy industry for the better. We do this through renewable energy, conservation and advocacy, as detailed in our Global Energy Policy.

Read the UK Carbon Reduction Plan here.

Committed to conservation and reduction of overall energy consumption

  • In 2019, we evaluated our energy strategy and opted to focus Rackspace Technology™ resources and efforts on energy reduction activities and projects as opposed to our previous strategy of purchasing carbon offsets. We have continued to purchase 100% REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees Origin) backed energy to cover our consumption in our Slough data center and our London HQ.
  • We have invested in and are deploying smart building automation systems in five locations globally, including two corporate offices (San Antonio, TX and London, England) and three data centers (London, New Jersey and Kansas City). These systems will drive reduced energy consumption in each of these locations.

Some of our biggest energy-saving initiatives include open air free cooling and the ability to manage light, heat and cooling zones based on operational demand.

Measuring our greenhouse emissions

We have prepared a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory (scope 1, 2, partial 3) every year since 2008 for all of our operations worldwide. Having a better understanding of our footprint allows us to identify high-impact efficiency projects that help us to conserve resources and benchmark. For example, we use specialized air filters in our London office, reducing CO2e by 2,000kgs per year.

We also participate in the Climate Change Agreement (CCA), which is a UK voluntary scheme for energy intensive industries, and we have responded to the CDP Climate Change survey since 2011.

Minimize waste

Conservation of our planet’s natural capital comes in many forms, from responsibly disposing of data center assets to providing sustainable materials within our workspaces. We’ve found creative ways to minimize waste on our campuses, such as composting coffee grounds and shipping pallets, refurbishing retired IT equipment for aftermarket use, and collecting HVAC condensate to maintain landscaping and operate cooling towers.

Rackers volunteering to clean up a park

Ethics and integrity

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of business conduct and corporate governance — essential elements to running our business and maintaining our integrity in the marketplace. Our Rackspace Technology Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (“Code”) helps us ensure that we comply with regulations and expectations in all of the places where we do business. Each year, all active Rackers are required to complete training on the Code. We expect all Rackers to take responsibility for their own actions and do the right thing even in the most challenging situations.

Read the UK Gender Pay Gap Report here.

Speaking up

We maintain a global platform, Speak Up Rackspace, that allows directors, officers, executives, employees and representatives of Rackspace Technology or outside individuals or entities to report violations of our Code of Business Conduct and Business Ethics or local regulations or policies applicable to our business and operations. We have no tolerance for retaliation against whistleblowers.

Our stance on modern slavery and human trafficking

We have a high standard in ensuring we operate ethically and responsibly in all the places where we operate around the globe. This includes adhering to human rights in our own business model as collaborators, as well as those of our suppliers. As part of this commitment, we require all suppliers to comply with relevant laws and regulations on modern slavery or human trafficking. Rackspace Technology further abides by the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and ensures proper steps are taken to eradicate violations of these basic human rights. Read our statement on slavery and human trafficking.

Buying, building and operating responsibly

Our Supplier Code of Conduct guides our relationships with suppliers — helping ensure they uphold the same ethical, environmental and business standards as we do, both upstream and downstream of the supply chains.

Additionally, we consider diversity in our supplier selection, seeking to increase the pool of diverse suppliers and awarding business accordingly. Our definition of diversity includes:

  • Women-Owned
  • Military/Veteran-Owned — Includes Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Veteran Owned Business (VOSB), Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB)
  • Minority-Owned — Includes Minority Enterprise Business (MBE) / Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
  • LGBT-Owned
  • Small Business — Includes Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (SDBE), DBE, Historically Underutilized Business (HUB), 8a (Business Development Program)

Privacy and data protection

We care about protecting privacy because it helps us maintain the trust and confidence we’ve built with our customers, partners and Rackers. In addition to staying ahead of emerging privacy concerns and risks, we provide Rackers with regular training on potential privacy and data protection risks. We also offer a variety of products and services that customers can purchase to help them meet their own privacy and data protection compliance needs.

Our Privacy Notice supports our culture of respecting privacy, honoring our privacy commitments and meeting our legal and regulatory compliance obligations.

Rackers in our Mexico City office

Reporting on our progress

Our 2021 Environmental Social and Governance Report

See how Rackspace Technology is committed to environmental sustainability and operates with ethics and integrity.

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