Accelerate Innovation and Agility with Secure Multicloud-as-a-Service

Helping Systems Integrators Use the Power of Multicloud to Modernize & Optimize Internal IT

Federal systems integrators (FSIs) are essential to IT modernization in government. They deliver some of the most sophisticated and advanced systems in the world to government agencies. But much like the customers they serve, many are dealing with myriad internal IT modernization challenges. And like those customers, secure multicloud-as-a-service can put them on a path to modernize, optimize and innovate their own IT systems.

In our new issue brief from MeriTalk featuring Rackspace Technology you'll discover:

  • How to embrace a "Cloud Smart" multicloud strategy 
  • The challenges and benefits of multicloud
  • Why an iterative approach is critical and key considerations
  • How secure multicloud-as-a-service delivers a simpler and more secure solution for multicloud adoption
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