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Our AI development team will help you use your data to make smart decisions, improve collaboration, transform customer experiences and drive better outcomes.

When your data works harder for you, you can take your resources further and deliver intelligent applications, services and results. We combine deep technical and business expertise with leading cloud native AI development processesand machine learning algorithms, along with MLOps to empower your business, helping you work faster and smarter.

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to create, innovate and transform the way you find, present and generate content.

Benefit from our expertise, standardized delivery practices, partnerships, diverse skill sets and commitment to accelerating the secure, responsible and sustainable adoption of AI solutions through the Foundry for AI by Rackspace (FAIR™). FAIR is a groundbreaking global practice dedicated to accelerating the secure, responsible, and sustainable adoption of AI solutions across industries. 

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Use Cases

Create new content, deliver content summarization and improve knowledge management to accelerate data adoption and improve data interactions.

  • Enable searches and answering of questions about internal company data or private knowledge databases and gain faster information resolution and retrieval in multiple languages.
  • Provide content summarizations for documents, contracts, invoices, customer sentiment and research materials.
  • Respond to customer service responses faster than manual production, create personalized communications and write new marketing copy.

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Enable speech transcriptions, interpretations, and translations, as well as keyword search and analysis.

  • Lower costs and accelerate availability by automating the manual transcription of voicemail messages and speeches, and automating the interpretation of different languages with our AI solutions.
  • Develop a data pipeline to enable the natural language processing of written and voice data to whatever formats and languages needed.
  • Enable AI-based language processing that’s more accurate than manual processing and capable of providing keywords and sentiment analysis.
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Take preemptive action with intelligent projections around future behaviors and events.

  • Discover serverless AI development and machine learning algorithm based data processing capabilities, forecasting and prediction applications and models for more accurate forecasts.
  • Employ advanced machine learning algorithms to improve short-term forecast accuracy.
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Enable identification within images, documents or video data.

  • Rely on images or video to collect data including tracking objects, detecting changes over time, and facial recognition.
  • Identify instrument or tool insertion and removal times based on live or recorded video to evaluate efficacy of each step in manufacturing, surgery or other use of tools.
  • Correctly detect events by training a machine learning algorithm based to evaluate imagery in the video stream.
  • Machine learning categorizes each image state as inside or outside the product or body and inference models determine events from the changes in state estimates.
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Identify clusters of commonality or normal/anomalous distinctions.

Identify normal or abnormal patterns that help you make customer recommendations and improve consistency and efficiency. Develop a machine learning model to:

  • Predict the best shipping route based on a variety of inputs like weather, vehicle availability and fit, and drivers.
  • Minimize the potential for damage when preparing products for shipment through the detection and understanding of good and bad packing combinations.
  • Use AI solutions to detect fraudulent activity based on a pattern of behavior.
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Transform files into searchable, digitized content.

  • Improve efficiency and accuracy across teams while reducing mundane and repetitive manual work.
  • Automate data processing and workflows to allow for custom transformations, including document labeling and tagging.
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AI/ML Webinar

How are Businesses using AI and Machine Learning Today?

Join Jeremy Howard, data scientist and researcher, as he presents a keynote talk on how AI and Machine Learning is being used by businesses today.

Working with a professional team of engineers from Onica on optimizing the back-end was overall a very positive experience and really helped us scale our infrastructure during the critical, early stages when we don’t have a big, back-end engineering team.
Tinghui Zhou, Co-Founder and CEO, Humen.AI See the case study

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